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Series Books

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Series Books

From The Magic of Books


This page is still in construction mode, but I have provided just a small number of series to consider. There are a few Series not included here, but can be found in with the Chapter Books archive. Also, check out the Series information maintained by Kidsreads.com by clicking here.



  • Baglio, Ben M. - Dolphin Diaries Series Example Diary #3 – Riding the Storm The McGraths have arrived in the Bahamas. Jody can’t wait to see some dolphins and find out if the rumors about the lost treasure ship are true.


  • Coville, Bruce - I was a Sixth Grade Alien Series Example #7 – Too Many Aliens Pleskit’s friend from back home on Hevi-Hevi is coming to visit. How will Pleskit’s friend Maktel get along with Tim, his best friend on Earth, and is Earth’s existence in trouble from an off-world visitor?


  • Keene, Carolyn - Nancy Drew Mysteries


  • Kline, Suzy - Horrible Harry Series __Example__: Horrible Harry and the Dragon War - Working on a dragon project in Room 3B leads to a war between two good friends. Will Song Lee ever speak to Harry again and are dragon’s good or are they only mean?


  • Skurzynski, Gloria and Alane Fergueson - Mysteries in Our National Parks Series Example Mystery #8 - Valley of Death The Landon family makes a trip to Death Valley National Park accompanied by a mysterious new foster child Leesa, who is fourteen. What is Leesa’s secret and who kidnapped Jack’s eleven-year-old sister Ashley?


  • Warner, Gertrude Chandler - Boxcar Children When four children lose their parents they set out on their own to search for their grandfather and in up living in an abandon rail car.


  • West, Tracey - Pixie Tricks


  • West, Tracey - Scream Shop Series Example Scream Shop # 4 – Revenge of the Gargoyle When a teenager selects a marble from Sebastian Cream’s Junk Shop, she is unaware that it is the missing eye of one very angry gargoyle. You decide how the story will end.

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