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Mother's Day Books

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Books for Mother's Day

From The Magic of Books


The Magic of Books is a site for books and resources on Children's Literature. This is a list of just some of the many Mother's Day books available for children. For additional books not listed here, please check out this write up.


  • Anderson, Laurie, and et al. 1999. No Time for Mother's Day. Charity is worried. There are only two days left until Mother's Day, and she can't decide on a present.


  • Appelt, Kathi. 2000. Oh My Baby, Little One. Illustrated by Jane Dyer. It's hard for Baby Bird and his mama to say good-bye on their way to school and work in the morning. But Mama finds a way of showing how her love is with her child all the time.


  • Balian, Lorna. 2004. Mother's Mother's Day. Hazel the mouse goes to visit her mother on Mother's Day, but finds she has gone to visit her mother.


  • Banks, Kate. 2003. Mama's Coming Home. Illustrated by Tomek Bogacki. Papa prepares dinner and the boys set the table as they, the dog, and the cat eagerly await Mama's return home after work.


  • Barber, Barbara. 1994. Saturday at the New You. Illustrated by Anna Rich. A story of a young African American girl's special Saturdays spent with her mother at The New You Beauty Parlor.


  • Berenstain, Jan, and Stan Berenstain. 2004. The Berenstain Bears and the Mama's Day Surprise. Mother’s Day is coming, and Mama Bear knows that Papa and the cubs are going to surprise her.


  • Bridwell, Norman. 2001. Clifford's Happy Mother's Day. Mothers Day is coming, and Emily Elizabeth is preparing a present for her mom, but Clifford inadvertently makes two presents for his own mom


  • Bunting, Eve. 1986. The Mother's Day Mice. Illustrated by Jan Brett. It's Mother's Day and the three mouse brothers, Biggest, Middle, and Little, have only a short time to get their presents.


  • Capucilli, Alyssa Satin. 2004. Biscuit Loves Mother's Day. Illustrated by Pat Schories. There are so many ways to make Mom feel special. Pull back the big flaps to see the surprises Biscuit and the little girl have in store for Mom!


  • Carle, Eric. 2000. Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? Children are reassured that animals have mothers just like me and you and that their mothers love them just as yours loves you.


  • Carle, Eric. 2002. El Canguro Tiene Mamá? (Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?). Spanish - Children are reassured that animals have mothers just like me and you and that their mothers love them just as yours loves you.


  • Cohn, Diana. 2002. ¡Sí, Se Puede! (Yes, We Can). Illustrated by Francisco Delgado. Carlitos’ mother is a janitor. Every night, he sleeps while his mother cleans. When she comes home, she waves Carlitos off to school before she goes to sleep.


  • French, Vivian. 2002. A Present for Mom. Illustrated by Dana Kubick. This charming Mother's Day story depicts family togetherness and love in a single-parent household. Stanley, the youngest of four kittens, can't decide on a gift for his mother.


  • Gutman, Anne. 2003. Mommy Hugs. Illustrated by Georg Hallensleben. Animal and human mothers hug in different ways, but they all show love.


  • Hest, Amy. 2003. You Can Do It, Sam. Illustrated by Anita Jeram. A mother and son's quiet adventures on a winter morning building up Sam's confidence.


  • Horowitz, Ruth. 1993. Mommy’s Lap. Illustrated by Henri Sorensen. To Sophie’s distress, the new baby growing inside Mommy disrupts her quiet times on Mommy’s lap, but once the baby arrives there is room for Sophie on Mommy’s lap again.


  • Jacobson, Jennifer Richard. 1999. Moon sandwich Mom. Illustrated by Benrei Huang. Rafferty Fox sets off to find a new mother, but though others are fun sometimes, he decides that he likes his own mother the best.


  • Joosse, Barbara. 1991. Mama, Do You Love Me? Illustrated by Barbara Lavallee. A child living in the Arctic learns that a mother’s love is unconditional.


  • Kasza, Keiko. 1992. A Mother for Choco. A lonely little bird named Choco goes in search of a mother. (Great for adoptions.)


  • Kavanagh, Peter. 2003. I Love My Mama. Illustrated by Jane Chapman. Mama and baby elephant love to do many things together.


  • Krauss, Ruth. 1998. You're Just What I Need. Illustrated by Julia Noonan. As a child hides beneath a blanket, Mother playfully wonders if the hidden bundle could be anything she needs.


  • Kroll, Steve. 1985. Happy Mother’s Day. Illustrated by Marylin Hafner. One day when Mom returns home she is greeted by surprise after surprise from each of her six children and her husband.


  • Lee, Huy Youn. 1998. In the Park. Spring has arrived and Xiao Ming can't wait to spend the day in the park with his mother.


  • Lewis, Paeony. 2002. I'll Always Love You. Illustrated by Penny Ives. When he accidentally breaks his mother's favorite bowl, Alex the bear worries that she will no longer love him.


  • Leuck, Lauar. 2002. My Monster Mama Loves Me So. Illustrated by Mark Buehner. A rhyming text shows how a monster mama lovingly combs cobwebs from bangs, takes her darling swimming in the swamp, and sings lullabies


  • Loupy, Christophe. 2001. Hugs and Kisses. Illustrated by Eve Tharlet. He collects lots of wonderful kisses, but when he returns home, he discovers that the best kiss of all is the one he gets from his loving mother.


  • Lukas, Catherine. 2003. Hooray for Mother's Day. Illustrated by Bernie Cavender. Little Bill can hardly contain his excitement. It is Mother's Day and he is determined to make it a wonderful day for his mom. Little Bill leads his mother on a scavenger hunt to find the five gifts that he has for her


  • McBratney, Sam. 2001. I’ll Always Be Your Friend. Illustrated by Kim Lewis. A little fox gets angry and tells his mother, I’m not your friend anymore, when she tells him it’s time to stop playing.


  • Metzger, Steve. 1998. Where's Mommy? (Dinofours). Illustrated by Hans Wilhelm. When Danielle's mother is late picking her up at the end of school, her teacher takes her mind off the problem by making her part of the Super Duper After School Clean Up Crew.


  • Minarik, Else Holmelund. 2003. Maurice Sendak's Little Bear: Mother Bear's Picnic. Illustrated by Teri Lee. It's Mother's Day and Little Bear wants to give Mother Bear the best picnic ever. He and Father Bear get to work, but will they be able to surprise Mother Bear?


  • Numeroff, Laura. 1998. What Mommies Do Best What Daddies Do Best. Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. A flip book that presents mirrored texts of a mother bear, pig, mouse, elephant, and porcupine engaging in everyday activities with her children.


  • Ruelle, Karen Gray. 2003. Mother's Day Mess: A Harry & Emily Adventure. Kittens Harry and Emily want to give their mother a special present for Mother's Day, so they ask her what she gave her mother when she was a child.


  • Schlein, Miriam. 2000. The Way Mothers Are. Illustrated by Joe Lasker. A little cat tries to figure out why his mother loves him even when he is naughty, and if she loves him at other times because he is good.


  • Scott, Ann Herbert. 1992. On Mother’s Lap. Illustrated by Glo Coalson. A small Eskimo boy discovers that Mother’s lap is a very special place with room for everyone.


  • Vail, Rachel. 2003. The (Almost) Perfect Mother's Day (Mama Rex and T). Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman. T can't wait for Mother's Day this year. He's planned the perfect surprise for Mama Rex: a delicious breakfast in bed, but when the big day arrives, everything goes wrong.


  • Valdes, Leslie. 2003. Happy Mother's Day, Mami! Illustrated by Jason Fruchter. Dora decides that she wants to make a special banana-nut-chocolate cake for her "mami" for Mother's Day, but first she has to gather all the ingredients.


  • Wells, Rosemary. 1989. Hazel's Amazing Mother. When Hazel and her beloved doll Eleanor are set upon by bullies, Hazel's mother comes to the rescue.


  • Wilder, Alice. 2001. Mrs. Pepper's Mother's Day. Illustrated by David Cutting. It's Mother's Day at Blue's Clues! Mr. Salt, Paprika, and all their friends celebrate this very special day as they honor a very special mommy -- Mrs. Pepper!


  • Williams, Vera B. 1984. A Chair for My Mother. After a fire destroys their home and possessions, Rosa, her mother, and grandmother save and save until they can afford to buy one big, comfortable chair that all three of them can enjoy.


  • Williams, Vera B. 2001. Un sillón para mi mamá (A Chair for My Mother). Spanish - After a fire destroys their home and possessions, Rosa, her mother, and grandmother save and save until they can afford to buy one big, comfortable chair that all three of them can enjoy.


  • Wood, Douglas. 2000. What Moms Can’t Do. Illustrated by Doug Cushman. A child ponders the many problems that mothers must with in the course of a normal day.


  • Ziefert, Harriet. 2004. Hey, Irma! It's Mother's Day. Illustrated by Barry Gott. Hank and Irma are back in another funny and original portrayal of a boy and his not-so-ordinary dog. Hank doesn't know what to get his mom for Mother's Day.

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